Jurisdictional Districts

To better serve the State of Oklahoma and its outlying communities, the Oklahoma Southeast Jurisdiction is currently divided into eight districts. Each district is supervised by a District Superintendent. Additionally, each district is served by a District Missionary appointed by the Jurisdictional Supervisor to ensure the operations of the Jurisdictional Women’s Department is also carried out in each area of the Jurisdiction.

Byrd Memorial

  • Superintendent Dennis Riley
  • District Missionary Rochelle Jones

Duncan District

  • Superintendent Hubert H. Edison
  • District Missionary Mary Graham

Greater Central District

  • Superintendent Gilbert Oliver
  • District Missionary Gayle Oliver

Hugo District

  • Superintendent Michael Frazier
  • District Missionary (VACANT)

McAlester District

  • Superintendent J.D. Frazier
  • District Missionary Margo Frazier

Oklahoma City District

  • Superintendent Luther Harris
  • District Missionary Delores Anderson

Page Memorial

  • Superintendent Sinada Banks
  • District Missionary Barbara Jackson

Pentecostal District

  • Superintendent John Martin
  • District Missionary Pamela Jones