Our Women’s Ministry lives out this mission as we help women: Live with Christ, Live like Christ, Live for Christ. We believe these three goals capture the heart of God for every woman. Led by our revered leader, Dr. Patricia A. Crisp, the Department of Women seeks to empower and promote spiritual growth, unity, communication and leadership for all women through the vehicles of prayer, training, self-development and formal programs. Our keynote programs include:

  • Business and Professional Women- Based on the belief that God has empowered and equipped, by the Holy Spirit, the Business and Professional Women’s Federation to serve as Godly examples in their homes, schools, churches, communities, and the world; our mission is to share our God-given resources and expertise; to care for the general welfare of all people; and to help spread love, joy, happiness, and the Word of God, by being living testimonies to people everywhere.
  • Christian Women’s Council- The mission of the Christian Women’s Council is to educate others in the principles and practices of holiness and saintly living. Our council will serve as mentors for younger women, enabling them to establish and maintain Godly standards in church behavior, community relationships, home building, child development, self-improvement, and thus become soul winners.
  • Nurse’s Unit- The mission of the Nurses’ Unit is to serve Jesus Christ and His people through health ministry.  Nurses and many other healthcare professionals join in Christian and professional unity to promote holistic health, wellness and healing, which we affirm comes from the “redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross.” Our goal is for the Saints of the Church of God in Christ and others worldwide, to prosper in health as their souls prosper (III John 2).
  • Overcomer’s Unit- The mission of the Overcomer’s Unit is to minister to the diverse needs of today’s youth and young adults. To help them live victorious lives for Christ, as they strive to overcome in this present world, without continually giving in to the vices of this world.
  • Pastor’s Wives Circle- The Pastor’s Wives Circle strives to be faithful and dedicated to the local church as we uphold the standard of holiness and to support our husbands in their ministries.  We seek to bring about family reunification in a way that is pleasing to God.  The Circle also provides a supportive environment for women in this capacity to share their experiences and offer insight into establishing her own work in support of the leadership of the pastor.
  • Prayer Unit and Bible Band- The mission of Prayer and Bible Band is to encourage individuals and families to build their spiritual lives through the study of God’s Word, combined with prayer, with the expectation that following the instructions given in the Word, they will be able to lead others to Christ.
  • Purity Class- Purity is a Ministry. Its mission is to reach Puritans (youth ages 13-18) by exhorting Biblical principles of Jesus Christ and providing instructions for our Puritans to cultivate Christian virtue, integrity, and social graces while preparing them to lead with dignity and high moral codes. It is also important that they feel love and see love in action.
  • Sunshine Band- The mission of the Sunshine Band is to reach out to our children (ages 3 through 12) and offer an opportunity for them to receive salvation in their productive years. We desire to build a partnership between the home, the school, and the church in order to provide a spiritual foundation for each child by building character, faith, and self-worth.
  • Young Women’s Christian Council-  The Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC) is an organization that ministers to young women ages 18-40, married or single.  YWCC encourages holy living and dedication to Christian Service in the church and community. YWCC also addresses numerous concerns of young women which may include: finding a mate, home building, meal planning, parenting, child care and development, understanding teenagers, marital issues, etc. Additionally, YWCC is designed to be an asset to the local church and pastor, as well as the district, jurisdiction, and the national work. Although YWCC serves women aged 18-40, it includes the fellowship and instruction of mature women and mothers who serve as teachers and council mothers for this organization.

The Department of Women also includes the oversight and licensing of all Aspiring, Deaconess, and Evangelist Missionaries. These women are continually trained and equipped to present the Word of God in accordance to the Bible and standards set by our governing body, the Church of God in Christ, Inc.